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  • Flexitank Advantage

    • Very Low positioning costs

    • No cleaning costs, no disposal costs

    • Deliveries are door- to- door

    • Quick loading compared to drums and IBCs

    • Low labour for handling, filling and loading

    • No need for forklift to load or unload

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Flexitank Container

Dongmai is Flexitanks manufacturer, Our Flexitanks have great performance for bulk wine, bulk drinks and edible oil,Read more…

Flexitank Certificate

Dongmai Flexitank have full certificate,HACCP,ISO22000, ISO9001:2000 ,FDA ,SKS KOSHER,COA MEMBER.Read more…

Flexitank Application

Dongmai Flexitank apply to liquid transportation,wine,milk,Vegetable Oils,Olive Oil,Fruit juice concentrate,Read more…

What is flexitanks?

Flexitank or flexibag is kind of packaging for bulk liquid products, 40 years ago, the logistic company use to take the ISO tank  Read more…

What a flexitank consists of

What a flexitank consist of

Automaic Air Vent


Flexitank bags


Corrugated Paper




Steel Bar



Flexitank made of Automaic Air Vent,Flexitank bags,Corrugated Paper,Valve,Steel Bar,Bulkhead,some flexitanks with heating pad.

Specification of Flexitank Accessories

  • Stell bar is (2400mm* 50mm) with 5pcs.
  • Corrugated Paper (L: 3000mm) with 1 roll.
  • Cardboard (2400mm*1500mm) with 1 pc.
  • Inner layers PE( food grade 4 layers*0.125mm/2 layers*0.35mm)
  • Outer layer PP(220g/with high tensile strength, wearable)

Description of Flexitank

First, flexitank is hermetically sealed container, as well as a kind of package for bulk liquid cargo products, this package is a new type of soft package,it’s collapsible and flexible bag or bladder bags , which is stuffed bulk liquid cargo in 20ft container, flexitank can transport all kinds of non-dangerous liquid goods. In most cases, flexitanks are apply to transport bulk wine, edible oils, sprint and beverages. Each container can be placed exactly in a 20-foot container with a volume of 14-24 cubic meters and can store up to 24,000 liters of liquid. In non-hazardous liquid transportation, it can replace expensive traditional containers such as cans and iso tank.

Specification of flexitank

Usually flexitank specification is 5.8m(length)*2.4m(width)*1.7m (height), the capacity of flexitank is range between 14000 to 24000 liters.

Type of flexitank

flexitank usually has 3 types for loading and discharging, Dongmai flexitank also accept customized for our customer
  1. Top Loading  and top Discharging .
  2.  Bottom Loading and bottom Discharging.
  3.  Top loading and Bottom Discharging.

Advantage of flexitank

The maximum capacity can reach 24,000 liters, about 35% higher than the bottled freight charged in containers, non-oil tanks, special containers only need to pay one-way freight, no empty container return and cleaning charges, and can effectively avoid cross-contamination of goods greatly reduce loading and unloading, packaging and material management costs in line with environmental protection and food packaging requirements. The raw materials of the products are environmentally friendly and suitable for transportation modes such as shipping, railway and land transportation.
Compared with the traditional transportation and packaging, it has obvious economic advantages, so it has been widely used in various chemical, petroleum, food, feed, agricultural products and other fields.
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