Flexitanks Questions

1.What sizes of flexitanks do Dongmai supply?

We supply standard 18cbm and 24cbm capacity flexitanks,FIBC bags,Dunnage airbags.

2.What is the maximum loading capacity of your flexitank?

Maximum capacity of Our flexitank is 24cbm.

3.what different types of flexitanks do you have?

Yes, we have 2 models of flexitanks:

PREMIER Model with oxygen barrier, suitable for oxygen-sensitive products; ie. wine, flat beer, high-grade cooking oil, etc.

ECON Model without oxygen barrier.

4.What is the highest temperature your flexitank can hold?

The LLDPE liner can take up to a maximum temperature of 82°C. However, for safety consideration, We recommends Safety Loading Temperature of 60°C and below. Should the product loading temperature fall between 60°C and 70°C, the laden flexitank must remain static for at least 8 hours after loading is completed.

5.What is the advantage of bottom loading / discharge?

It is safer since the loaders do not go on top of the flexitank. and more user-friendly and faster in loading and discharge.

6.What is the size of your valve?

It is a standard full port 3 inch cam lever ball valve.

7.What is the compatible connection to your flexitank standard full port 3 inch cam lever ball valve?

Hoses ending with 3 inch female cam lever fitting will connect to our valve.

8.What type of certifications do you have?

We only use USDA certified food grade LLDPE resin. We are KOSHER and HALAL certified, as well as Japan Food-Grade Certified.

9.Is your company accredited with ISO9000?

Our company and the Flexitank are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

10.What is the percentage of residue in your flexitank?

Less than 0.5%.

11.Can your flexitank be re-used?

Our flexitank is a one-way disposable flexitank. Our insurance will not cover reuse.

12.Does your company take care of the disposal of the flexitanks?

Yes, but there is a fee charged in accordance with the area concerned.

13.Your competitor says that their flexitank is approved by FDA and German BGA. Does your Flexitank have similar approvals?

The facts are that the USDA does not approve flexitanks. They do approve the material the flexitanks are made from, in this case – PE. Yes, we use the same PE material approved by FDA and BGA.

14.How long does it take to load the flexitank?

Normally not more than 45 minutes.

15.Do you have an insurance policy in case of leaks?

Yes, we are covered under the USD1 million product liability policy.

16.Can I load 16,000 liters in a 24,000 liter flexitank?

No. If it is not fully loaded, the movement from transportation causes a wave action in the liquid inside the flexitank and it can cause a tsunami-like force from within the container. Under-loading will destroy any flexitank. The guidelines for loading used by the Container Owner Association (COA) is not more or less than 500 litres of the flexitank rated capacity.

17.What is the maximum pressure your flexitank can hold?

Our flexitank is a non-pressurized container and it will keep growing bigger and bigger. At about 4 psi, it will rupture.