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loading flexitank

Dongmai Plastics product could be a leading transportation supplier serving the liquid transpor or provision companys round the wrold. we tend to believe applying progressive thinking as well as environmental responsibility.

flexitanks might import/export of bulk liquids in flexitanks, which is that the safest and most innovative choice to preserve the standard of liquids throughout transportation. Import/export wine, juice, concentrates, glycerin, additives, and more.also it is the BEST TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS FOR NO-HAZARDOUS LIQUIDS

Flexitank could be a tight sealed, foldaway and versatile bag/bladder that is stuffed during a 20’ DV instrumentality, and suppose a 20′ dry-van instrumentality walls and flooring, to contain the majority liquid product bag. The flexitank’s size/volume will vary between sixteen,000-24,000 liters.

Installation of Flexitank within the instrumentality takes concerning 20-30 minutes,which is additionally known as liquid shipping instrumentality,after that it’s prepared for filling the liquid product that takes another concerning 30-40 minutes. when filling the product the instrumentality along with your product is prepared to be shipped. The instrumentality is transported by road, railway or ocean. The instrumentality along with your product is delivered to any purpose worldwide. in situ of destination you or your Consignee/Receivers will unload a product quickly and with none losses, by exploitation simply the pump. Flexitanks area unit disposable and might be recycled.