What different between ISO tank and flexitank container?

There are lots of people ask us, what is best choices to transport wine? ISO tank or Flexitank container, or others. actually both that have different benefits, it totally depends on your requirements, belowing i will define what benefits between ISO tank and flexitank container?

What is an ISO TANK?

The tank liner is mostly made of 316L stainless steel. Most tanks have steam or electric heating devices, inert gas protection devices, pressure relief devices and other optional equipment for fluid transportation and handling. The corner bearing frame with protection and hoisting function is surrounded by the tank body. The outer frame of the tank is exactly the same size as the international standard 20’container (20 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8 feet high, 8 feet 6 inches). It can be used for road, rail and water transportation. It can carry up to 14300 to 31000 liters (or even larger) of liquid cargo.

In addition to all the advantages of container transportation, compared with the “several drums into a dry standard container” mode of transportation, it has economic, fast, safe, conducive to environmental protection, beautiful and many other advantages.

ISO tank

Benefits of ISO tanks

1. economic benefits.

For example, a 20-foot container (24,000 liters) can carry 45% more liquid goods than a 20-foot standard dry container full of barrels. That is, “equal freight and more shipment”, thus reducing the cost of land and sea transportation of unit goods. In addition, the use of tank can save the purchase of discs and discard the processing cost. This is the two direct cost savings in the transportation process.

2 quick.

The use of tank can not be costly and time-consuming in the process of small bucket loading and unloading. The transportation mode can be directly changed between roads, railways and waterways, and the operation is simple and quick, and one step is in place. Can really achieve “door to door” transport.

3. increase security.

Tank transportation is internationally recognized as the safest chemical and food transportation mode. In the process of distributing chemicals and foodstuffs to different parts of the country, compared with other means of transportation, this is a unique means of transportation, which can run, leak, and avoid contamination of the goods themselves.

4. more conducive to environmental protection; Good looking, to give customers a good impression.

Besides the liquid ISO TANK, there is also a gas tank for refrigerant.

What is an flexitank?

Flexitank is hermetically sealed container, as well as a kind of package for bulk liquid cargo products, this package is a new type of soft package,it’s collapsible and flexible bag or bladder bags , which is stuffed bulk liquid cargo in 20ft container, flexitank can transport all kinds of non-dangerous liquid goods. In most cases, flexitanks are apply to transport bulk wine, edible oils, sprint and beverages. Each container can be placed exactly in a 20-foot container with a volume of 14-24 cubic meters and can store up to 24,000 liters of liquid. In non-hazardous liquid transportation, it can replace expensive traditional containers such as cans and iso tank.

flexitank container

Benefits of flexitanks

  1. Low cost.
  2. Green,clean ,all is brand new flexitanks,which can prevent the liquids from pollution.
  3. Up to 40% more payload than drums ( 16,000 litres to 24,000 litres )
  4. Easy load and discharge
  5. Decrease labour cost